About The Game

Backpacker is a fantastic card game about travelling the world. Inspired by real life backpacking experiences, it’s aimed at those with an urge to wander and a mind for adventure, be it sitting at home or off on your travels.

Backpacker can be played with both family and friends and is enjoyed equally by backpackers, outdoors enthusiasts, holidaymakers and armchair travellers alike.

It is uniquely the only game about travelling the world that is small enough to take away with you when you go camping, trekking, on holiday or off on a big trip. It will make you think, as well as keep you amused, both on your next trip and beyond, whether on the beach, in a café, sheltering from the rain, or on a plane, so stick it in your backpack for fun on the road.

Most people like to take a small game or cards away with them to provide evening entertainment or kill time whilst waiting for problems to be resolved, and now they can take a game that is about what they love doing and talking about, "travelling abroad".


2-6 players. Game duration 1 hour. Ages 12+.

Objective of The Game

To win, you must outwit your opponents to be the player who has the most photos safely back at home (and hence the most points) at the end of the game. Go travelling on a number of eventful trips around the world. Each time you return home safely from a trip, you score points for the number of photos you have taken. All players have 5 cards in their hand, and take turns to draw and play a card. The game ends when the draw pile is exhausted.

There are 2 types of card in the game. Country Cards and Event Cards. The game is easy to learn as text on the bottom of each event card explains how it is played. Use the back and next buttons below to see a small selection of cards from the game.

Country Cards Event Cards
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The camera shows the number of points (photos taken) for each country, whilst symbols at the bottom show which blue bonus cards can be played on this country to double your points.
The pale background colour shows the category of event card:
Blue - Bonus cards that enable you to score more points on countries with the matching symbol. They represent the extra special experiences that can happen whilst travelling. Other bonus cards include Culture, Trekking and Wildlife.
Grey - Bad cards that prevent you from going home (and scoring points), and penalise you if you discard them. They represent the bad side of travelling. Other cards include Sickness, Out Of Cash, and Thief Steals Bag.
Red -Bad Advice cards that stop an opponent from travelling. They represent out of date, inaccurate information that is shared by travellers. Other Bad Advice cards include Transport and Timing.
Green - Good Advice cards that allow you to go travelling again if you are stopped by Bad Advice. They represent good tips, advice and information shared by travellers. Other Good Advice cards include Transport, Timing, and Bureaucracy, which specifically cancel out the corresponding Bad Advice card.
Orange - Change cards that improve your hand. They represent events that alter your plans. Other change cards include Reunion, Seek Guidance, Fate, Paths Cross and Internet Cafe
Yellow - Special Cards to significantly alter the game to your advantage. They represent events that have a major impact. Other cards include Solar Eclipse, International Date Line, Near Miss and Travelling Companion.
Pink - Problem cards that you play on other people. They represent problems that can occur when travelling that are beyond your control. Other cards include Broken Camera and Low Battery.